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November 2016 Archives

Court rules in Maurice Sendak estate dispute

Millions of children in Cincinnati and other parts of the world have grown up with the stories and art of Maurice Sendak, author of "Where the Wild Things Are." Unfortunately, the man known for his literary and artistic ability passed away several years ago. Since then, his estate and foundation has been embroiled in an estate dispute with Rosenbach Museum and Library. A court has recently ruled on the dispute, largely in favor of the Sendak estate.

What is probate and why do people try to avoid it?

One of the topics that you will always hear when an estate plan comes up in a conversation is probate. Many people will qualify this process as a scary and unfortunate part of an estate plan, but in reality probate is merely the execution of an estate and going about the formal and legal steps to ensure that assets are taken care of, taxes are paid and beneficiaries receive what they should.

How to protect your workers from heat illness

The last thing your small business needs is to be responsible for a serious health issue for two reasons: you sincerely care for your employees and you want to limit workers' compensation claims. The best way to avoid litigation and financial trouble is through prevention.

At-will employment doesn't mean employers can do anything

Many people have not had to deal with the reality of getting fired from a job -- but many, in fact, have. After getting fired, it is very easy to begin thinking about what your employer did and how they unfairly treated you. Sometimes you may have a case -- other times, it is just wishful thinking. But in any case, it is important to consider exactly how you were terminated from your position and what your legal standing is going forward.

When the circumstances call for a challenge to a will

Challenging a will is a very tough task. It is important to note that most wills pass through without any contests, and even the ones that are contested are unlikely to be changed. Judges are unwilling to alter the last wishes of a deceased person unless clear evidence supports the claims of the people challenging the will.

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