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December 2016 Archives

CoStar, xCelligence head to court due to alleged IP infringement

When a company acquires another company or merges with another company, there are some serious legal matters that need to be tended to. Just one of these many issues is the matter of intellectual property. A recent news story exemplifies this fact.

When you're not just business partners: 3 things to discuss before going into business with your spouse

If you're married to your business partner, you're not alone. Millions of businesses in the U.S. are jointly owned by spouses. It can be incredibly rewarding to build a family business, and when done well, your business and marriage can be stronger for it. On the other hand, if things go wrong in either your business or marriage, the other can suffer as well.

Legal counsel critical when complex business litigation calls

Business litigation and legal action is a complicated area of law. Simply creating and establishing a company takes a lot of work and a lot of legal effort to achieve. Now consider what it takes to move that company under the umbrella of another, or to have that company acquire new major assets. There are a lot of complex transactions and maneuvers that businesses utilize to grow or become more profitable, and none of them happen without extensive legal help.

Disputes over a business contract: Jury rules for band

Musicians and other artists in Cincinnati and across the country are passionate about their work. Often to ensure that the music that they toiled to create is heard, they sign a deal with a recording company. Unfortunately, one band, A Day To Remember, has been embroiled in disputes over a business contract for a lengthy period of time with the recording company it signed with several years ago.

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