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March 2017 Archives

Contract breached? There are legal remedies for that

We have written about contract disputes in the past on this blog. A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about FOX and Verizon FiOS settling a contract dispute, one that could have a dramatic impact on the reputations of the companies involved. Contract disputes like this area often settled out of court, but many still make it to court. Breach of contract issues often go before a judge who ultimately determines how the case will be handled going forward.

Now that I'm pregnant, am I going to lose my job?

While you may be delightedly anticipating the birth of your child, you may also have concerns about how your employer will react to the news of your pregnancy. You may have worked for years to earn the position you now hold and dread the thought of your boss demoting or firing you because of your condition.

Reasonableness the key to non-compete agreements

As a business in Cincinnati, in Ohio or really anywhere across the United States, it is imperative that you protect your interests and put forth legal restrictions on your employees to ensure that trade secrets or other vital pieces of information are protected. In this regard, non-competition agreements are an important tool in your legal arsenal. These contracts stipulate that an employee must protect and safeguard the employer's legitimate business interests.

Some factors to consider when bankruptcy looms

Businesses fall on hard times every now and then, and when financial problems arise it is important for that business to be honest with itself and take the proper steps to address the legitimate issues it is having. Ignoring the financial problems that confront you today will only make things worse down the line. This a crucial step in the business bankruptcy process: talking to your creditors and informing them of your issues could actually foster solutions to your financial problems. Your creditors could work with you to restructure debt.

Employee lawsuits can tarnish a company's reputation

There are many legal threats that a company faces. They can be the target of intellectual property litigation, may it be a legitimate claim or a claim made by a "patent troll." They can accused of product liability by consumers for a defective product or an improperly functioning one. They can be the subject of contract dispute litigation with a business partner. And, of course, they can be targeted in a lawsuit by their own employees.

Tips for employers handling discrimination complaints

As an employer, if you have an employee who reports discrimination happening in the workplace directly to his or her supervisor or human resources, it's important to take these complaints seriously and act swiftly in order to avoid the chances of a lawsuit.

Why business structures matter

Imagine for a moment that you are starting your own business. Let's say that you want to sell athletic sports equipment in your city. So you coordinate with the producers of the equipment and work with distributors to make your business vision become a reality. We've greatly simplified the process here, but let's say that at this point, you are ready to open your doors and sell some gear.

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