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June 2017 Archives

Why should I update my will and estate documents?

Life is full of surprises and because of those surprises, you should have a will and the accompanying estate documents created as soon as you get your first job out of school. These documents will not only protect you, but also your assets, your family and other possessions when you die. So, why should I update my will and estate documents?

How to protect yourself from trademark infringement

Trademark infringement is a concern for companies of all sizes. It is an issue that affects companies on varying levels, especially if they are accused of infringing upon another company's trademark. This can be a very confusing situation, but today we will discuss how you can protect your company's from trademark infringement.

Destroying a will and creating a new one could help your estate

Having a will is an incredibly important part of protecting your estate. As we saw with the Prince estate saga, not having one can create a series of major complications. Additionally, you have to be ready and willing to change your will when the situation calls for it. Getting married, a death in the family, a newborn child -- these are just a few examples of life events that necessitate a change in your will.

Oops! This mistake may equal inheritance for your former spouse!

Perhaps you're one of many Ohio residents who like to make sure personal affairs are in order. Many people thrive on structure and routine and have awesome organizational skills. Others barely know where to find their clean socks, much less all their financial information and inventory of assets that may impact their loved ones after they're gone. Some people hesitate to address the topic of estate planning, not liking the idea of discussing their own mortality. Others understand the importance of securing a solid estate plan ahead of time.

Employee at center of Uber-Google legal feud fired

If you haven't been paying attention to the massive trade secret lawsuit between Uber and Google, here's a brief summary. A former Google employee who worked in Google's parent company's self-driving division, Waymo, left the company and created his own self-driving company, which was bought by Uber last year for $680 million. Since then, Waymo has sued Uber for using the trade secrets that Waymo alleges this employee took from them to start that new self-driving car company.

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