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July 2017 Archives

Types of business entities in Cincinnati

Starting a business comes with a lot of stress, especially if you've never started a business in the past. You will want to have as much information as possible and even an attorney by your side. Here are the types of business entities available in Cincinnati for your business.

Partnership agreements keep businesses running smoothly

You and your partner are set to go. You have a business plan in place and a launch date in sight. With the excitement of getting ready to open your new enterprise, you may think nothing could go wrong. In fact, as you and your partner made your plans, it may have felt as if you couldn't have chosen a more perfect person with which to work.

How to protect against patent infringement

Running a business is not as easy as some make it look. One of the most difficult things a company must do is protect its creations, inventions and other intellectual property by using patents. Companies all across the country are susceptible to patent infringement, which is why we will dedicate this post to explaining how you can protect against it in today's high-tech world.

Hugging is not always appropriate in the workplace

Hugging is a universal embrace that is quickly becoming just as popular as shaking hands. For some, hugging is the only way they greet someone, even those they might not know well. For others, hugging is an uncomfortable situation that some never want to be a part of, especially when at work. Here's how your workplace can avoid the awkward hug between coworkers.

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