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August 2017 Archives

What if I am asked to sign a questionable contract?

When a worker first enters a particular industry, he or she often faces the prospect of having to agree to unfavorable employment terms in order to get their foot in the door to a particular position or company. Like most entry-level experiences, being the lowest rung on the professional ladder means having the least amount of clout to dictate the terms of your employment.

Explaining the responsibilities of a financial power of attorney

A power of attorney is in and of itself a very important document when putting together your estate plan. There is more to it than just naming a power of attorney. If you so choose, you can name a variety of different powers of attorney, one of them being a financial power of attorney. This someone you choose to handle your finances when you become incapacitated or mentally unfit to make decisions.

The complex process of business succession

When a business is closely held or family operated, outside employees may feel comfortable in the work environment and even think of the business as an extended family. Whether you inherited your business from a parent or grandparent, or you started it from scratch, you have likely built a company you are proud to own and a place where others enjoy working.

The importance of workplace safety training

One of the most important aspects of running a company is offering workplace safety training to employees. Your employees are integral to the success of your business, which is why you must ensure their safety at all times. Even if your company does not perform inherently dangerous procedures, your employees still need to practice safety measures.

Ohio State University embroiled in multiple trademark disputes

Ohio State University is embroiled in multiple trademark disputes with casinos and other colleges across the state. In an effort to protect its likeness, the university has gone after a casino that decided to use the university's nickname for its stadium, "The Shoe." The school also filed documents in an effort to trademark the abbreviation OSU for apparel and the name "The Oval."

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