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November 2018 Archives

Thinking about starting a business? Consider these steps.

Starting a business takes a great deal of time and effort. If you believe that being an entrepreneur is your calling, you have the opportunity to make your dreams a reality if you have the drive to pursue your goals and have the right information for starting a new business. Trying to create a business on your own may seem intimidating, but fortunately, resources for help are available.

How you handle policy violation discussions with workers matters

No matter how careful you try to be when picking only the most responsible and honest employees, there's always someone who will try to bend the rules. It's that one worker that engages in misconduct that leaves you questioning whether you should reassess your hiring practices. Since having to take disciplinary action for policy violations doesn't happen all the time, you may be unsure what to do when the time comes to have to.

The Cincinnati Zoo files suit to have their gorilla returned

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden filed a lawsuit against the Gorilla Foundation in federal court in the Northern District of California on Oct. 25. In their filing, the Cincinnati Zoo requests that the animal sanctuary return Ndume, the male companion of their deceased gorilla Koko. She died while being cared for at the California facility on June 19. He was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1981 and loaned to the sanctuary in 1991.

What does it mean to breach a contract?

If you entered into a written agreement with another party, you probably entered into a contract. For instance, if you agreed to provide a service or goods in exchange for money, and each of you accepted those terms, then you have a contract.

Construction contract details: Scope of services

It is very important to understand all of the necessary elements of a construction contract when drawing one up or signing it. This typically starts with names, dates, projected costs, a timeframe and other such details. All parties need to know what is expected and what it is going to cost.

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