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January 2019 Archives

Demanding fair treatment as a minority shareholder

A closely held corporation may be the perfect structure for your family business. The benefits of not going public with your shares include keeping simplicity in the operation of the business and allowing only a few people to have control of the company. However, when tension erupts among the shareholders, it may be more sorely felt in a closely held structure.

An anti-harassment policy is a must in every workplace

Cincinnati companies and those located elsewhere have multiple plans. They have business plans, revenue plans, growth plans, product plans and succession plans. If they don't have a plan to keep the workplace free of harassment, they should make one -- right away.

Why would an Ohio employer utilize noncompete agreements?

As an employer in Ohio, you have a lot on the line in your business. As you bring in new employees, you need to be able to trust that you can share an open relationship with them and form a mutually beneficial partnership.

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