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July 2019 Archives

Taking action after a partner steals from the company

Because starting a company and keeping it operational is no easy feat, many Ohio residents choose to have business partners. When you first thought about having a partner, you may have had someone immediately jump to mind. This person may not have had extensive business experience, but as your best friend, for example, you believed that he or she had useful qualities to bring to the table.

Age discrimination lawsuit may be the start of more legal action

Staying current on expectations is very important for businesses and other organizations with employees. Discrimination against protected groups cannot be tolerated, as a lack of attention to accusations can lead to lawsuits. If a lawsuit goes forward, employers must make sure changes are made to protect employees in the future.

Online lawsuit search may cause issues for Ohio businesses

Owners and operators of small and medium-sized businesses in Ohio have long been concerned about the climate for their commerce. Big-box retailers and online shopping have taken a large share of regional and rural business, in which smaller operations have traditionally been a more important part of markets and job opportunities.

Certain actions call for a removal of a trustee from their role

Individuals who set up trusts do so to protect their funds from being overtaxed, easily squandered and to protect a loved one's eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid. It can be unnerving for you to find out that your trustee isn't carrying out their assigned duties or acting in a financially prudent way. Many signs may send a message to you that it's time to replace your trustee.

What to do when you must break a commercial lease

Commercial leases protect both the property owner and the business owner. But there are times when it may be necessary to break your commercial lease. Below are some tips for getting out of a commercial lease with the least amount of financial liability.

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