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August 2019 Archives

A handbook is vital if you have employees

Even if your small business only employs a few people, you may want to create an employee handbook. Without one, you could leave your company -- and possibly yourself, depending on your entity structure -- vulnerable to legal actions.

Unenforceable contracts can cost companies big in lawsuits

It is risky business acquiring property or leasing it for commercial purposes. Many industries lend themselves to a lot of turnover, and assets can turn into liabilities without proper planning. Even the best planning can fall in the wrong environment or time for a business idea.

Contract dispute leaves Ohio sports fans in the dark

When companies that partner to bring people their television entertainment can't resolve a contract dispute, viewers are left without their favorite TV shows, sports and news. This makes both sides in the dispute unpopular with customers who don't see why they have to be penalized because large corporations can't arrive at a deal.

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