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January 2020 Archives

Creating an anti-discrimination policy for your employee handbook

When you started your small business, it may have just been you and perhaps a family member or close friend helping you out. As your business grows, you decide you need to hire employees to take some of the burden off you. This is most likely a good strategy to keep your business viable and growing, but when you take on employees, you also take on certain responsibilities.

How do you plan for simultaneous family member deaths?

If you and your spouse are pondering how you're going to develop your estate plan ahead of retaining an attorney, you may picture your assets being handed down in a fairly linear fashion. When one of you dies, the other one gets everything. When they die, your children will inherit everything. If you don't have children, maybe you decide that your assets will go to your favorite nonprofit organization or the college where you met decade ago.

Are you ready to sue someone for breach of contract?

If you are dealing with a contract dispute with a client, vendor or another business, you are not alone. Small business owners deal with such disputes frequently, and they can be a frustrating drain on your time and resources. If another party is not honoring the terms of your contract, you may feel uncertain about the most efficient and effective way to handle the situation.

Businesses can be liable for injuries on 'attractive nuisances'

If you're like many business owners, you want to make your property attractive for employees, customers and anyone passing by. You may have installed a large water fountain or fishpond in your patio area a sweeping outdoor stairwell leading to a rooftop break area where people can read, relax or even have outdoor meetings.

Why can businesses be held liable for their employees' actions?

As a business owner, you can often be held liable for your employees' actions -- even if you had no direct involvement in them. Just as you benefit from your employees' ideas, expertise and/or physical labor, you also may have to bear some responsibility if they cause harm to others.

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