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February 2020 Archives

Pay attention to the fees section of your business lease

Before you finalize any of your business contracts and leases, it is vital to make certain that you understand every word and every term appearing in the document. Failure to understand what you are signing off on can sometimes be detrimental to your operating expenses.

Get assistance with the probate process after a loved one's death

When a loved one passes away, there are many things that those who are left behind have to do. Not only are there funeral or memorial plans to make, you also have to deal with the person's estate. This will involve going through the probate process for many people.

Why a comprehensive partnership agreement is essential

If you're going into business with a friend or someone you've known for a long time -- maybe from your college or military days -- you may not be very concerned about your partnership agreement. You both have the same goals for the business, so you assume that you'll work things out as issues come up.

Defending employers against lack of reasonable accommodation

For many decades, employment laws in the nation had a tight focus on protecting the rights of workers. While addressing these rights is undeniably an important task for lawmakers, some employers feel as if their own rights have fallen by the wayside. A particularly troubling area for Cincinnati employers is making certain they provide reasonable accommodations for any disabled workers on their staff.

Avoid these common mistakes when drafting an operating agreement

During the business formation process, entrepreneurs must select a structure for their companies. As you may already know, there are many benefits to forming a limited liability company (LLC). Cincinnati business owners who choose this structure must also create an operating agreement.

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