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March 2020 Archives

Disputes over ownership: What you need to know

When you first got into business with your partner, you were both excited and full of creativity. You were so focused on the development of your ideas that you didn't bother with the picky details about who owned the intellectual rights to those ideas. You also didn't worry much over who handled which part of the business -- you both handled everything and mostly agreed.

What employers need to know about lie detector tests

Someone has been stealing from your company. Maybe it's the office or break room supplies or maybe something more expensive, like laptops. Perhaps someone has been embezzling money or disclosing trade secrets. Before you call in law enforcement, you'd like to get to the bottom of it yourself. Can you require your employees to submit to a lie detector test (also known as a polygraph test)?

Business formation issues are more common than you think

Starting a business is not an easy feat. If it were, anyone would try his or her hand at it. Of course, you feel passionate about your business idea and feel ready to put in the hard work needed to create a sustainable company. Still, even with your best intentions in mind, you could still fall victim to certain business formation mistakes.

Creating an anti-discrimination policy for your employee handbook

When you started your small business, it may have just been you and perhaps a family member or close friend helping you out. As your business grows, you decide you need to hire employees to take some of the burden off you. This is most likely a good strategy to keep your business viable and growing, but when you take on employees, you also take on certain responsibilities.

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