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April 2020 Archives

Can you break your lease? You might have some options

If you've leased space for your business in an office building, shopping center or other commercial space, you may think you can only get out of it under extraordinary circumstances. However, if you find that the space isn't as conducive to bringing in business as you'd hoped or if you simply find another place you like better, you may be able to get out of that commercial lease early.

Can you switch your Ohio company's incorporation structure?

When starting a business, many entrepreneurs will initially incorporate it as a sole proprietorship. However, as their business grows and their circumstances change, they often decide to switch the type of incorporation structure that they originally had to a different one.

Is there a right way to fire an employee?

Owning a business comes with a variety of responsibilities. You may not mind taking care of most of them, but one that you, and many other Ohio business owners, hope to avoid as much as possible is firing an employee. When you hire those who work for you, you anticipate a long and productive employer/employee relationship.

The 2 primary documents you should have borrowers sign

Most every Cincinnati business that offers a service or product has to enter into a contract at some point. Many Ohio companies draft these agreements to make sure that they get repaid for the inventory, equipment or service that they're about to lend out or perform. Two of the primary documents that every company should have their customers sign are a promissory note and a security agreement.

Are you prepared for litigation if your company faces a lawsuit?

Starting a business of your own may have always been a goal of yours. When you finally took the steps to start your own company, you may have had days where you wondered whether it would really happen. The day you opened for business, had your first customer and experienced so many other thrilling events may stay in your memories forever.

What details should you include in your consulting agreement?

Individuals who have specialized expertise often prefer to lend their expertise to other companies on an as-needed basis as a consultant where they can set their own rates instead of working for a single employer for a set salary. While working as a consultant can be an exciting career, your consulting contract needs to be airtight if you want to make sure that you get paid.

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