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May 2020 Archives

What are shareholders' and board of directors' responsibilities?

The individuals that join together to form a corporation are referred to as shareholders. They're the people or companies that make a financial investment in the corporation. They gain some rights over a company in exchange for making a financial investment in it.

Are disagreements with your business partner leaving you worried?

The excitement that can come along with opening the doors to a new business can often mask warning signs that something is not right. Maybe you and your business partner had more differences in opinion and concerns over certain matters than you wanted to focus on. Instead, you may both have subconsciously decided to gloss over potential problems in efforts to get the company off the ground.

How to prevent your family from fighting over your estate

You can probably find dozens of reasons to postpone creating an estate plan. However, no matter how unpleasant you may find the prospect of contemplating a time when you'll no longer be around, an estate plan can make things easier on your loved ones when that time comes.

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