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June 2020 Archives

Why might you need to remove a trustee?

A trust owner's goal when selecting a trustee is to find someone that will handle distributions of assets per their preferences. Unfortunately, things don't always go according to plan. It may become necessary to remove a trustee before or after your death.

What is (and isn't) sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is a type of discrimination that is sadly commonplace in many Ohio workplaces. You must know that not all ill-treatment constitutes sexual harassment. Any unwelcome comments or conduct related to your gender, sexual orientation or sex, in general, may be considered as sexual harassment, however.

Are you ready for an employee lawsuit?

While it may be true that today's society is too easily offended, it is also true that many workers must fight for their right to fair treatment in the workplace. As an employer, you may do your best to protect those rights, but you still operate your Ohio business under the real possibility that an unhappy employee will file a lawsuit against you. In fact, about 10% of small business owners deal with lawsuits, and at least 43% of small businesses face the stress of litigation or threats of litigation.

Is silencing a worker with a nondisclosure agreement unlawful?

Many Cincinnati business owners have their employees sign nondisclosure agreements (NDA) either when they take on their jobs or before a promotion happens. While it's lawful for employers to have their workers sign these agreements in most cases, it's unlawful for them to do so as a way to silence an employee who witnessed or fell victim to a crime. Ohio courts might throw out an NDA if you forced a worker to sign one for this reason.

How do mergers and joint ventures differ?

There's a difference between a merger and a joint venture. A merger involves two companies coming together to form one new company, meaning that the two former companies no longer exist in the end. A joint venture consists of the creation of a new, separate company. The two original companies remain in existence in the case of the latter.

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