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July 2020 Archives

Ohio Sales Practices Act claims against companies are serious

Businesses in this state are expected to comply with the terms of the Ohio Sales Practices Act, but some business owners aren't quite certain how this applies to their company. When a business isn't in compliance, they can face legal action.

Negotiations may help avoid litigation over partnership issues

When you first went into business with your partner, you may have thought you could not take on this endeavor without him or her. Over the years, you found yourselves at odds from time to time, but you managed to reach resolutions to any differences of opinion you may have had. However, your partnership issues seem to have reached a breaking point, and you feel uncertain about what to do.

Know what reasonable accommodations you must take as an employer

Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for disabled workers. Making adjustments to the work environment for an applicant or employee is advantageous to them on many levels. It gives them a better opportunity to secure the position they are applying for and to perform their job duties as proficiently as a person without disabilities.

What are equity securities?

The concept of equitable securities describes a share of common stock in a corporation. This financial instrument gives individuals an ownership stake over an Ohio business when they invest in it. The amount of controlling interest that you have over the company depends on the percentage of the total number of shares you receive.

What are the different types of governance structures that exist?

Many Ohio companies have what's referred to as corporate governance structures in place. These are policies, controls and guidelines that businesses establish to meet their objectives. There are three types of governance structures including, internal and external mechanisms and independent audits.

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