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September 2020 Archives

Is there a limited liability corporation for more than one owner?

If you're considering launching your business concept, you may feel overwhelmed trying to sort out the differences in the framework of incorporation structures. You may appreciate the liability protection that setting up a limited liability corporation (LLC) provides, yet you may have a business partner and think that you need to set up a partnership or a corporation instead. You may find that incorporating your business as a multi-member LLC (MMLLC) is just the type of formation right for you and your concept.

What is the difference between a contractor and a consultant?

Individuals who work for companies in a non-employee capacity often refer to their roles as consultants or contractors. The interchanging of these words can make it challenging to understand precisely what their role entails. U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) career data shows that these two titles describe two distinct roles.

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