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Business Contracts and Leases Archives

What is "scope creep"?

Most business owners at some point encounter clients who want to push the boundaries of the contractual obligations in their favor. Depending on the industry, they may ask for last-minute changes to blueprints or for the business owner to toss in some extra software packages after the deal's been closed. In the industry, it's often referred to as "scope creep," and it's a real problem.

Tips for writing a small business contract

You own a small company, and you've poured all of your time and energy into it. It means everything to you, which is why you're so diligent about writing contracts and taking steps to protect the company whenever you work with individuals or other corporations.

What key components should every consulting contract have?

Nowadays, it's common for companies to rely on the insight of outside parties, such as subject experts. These consultants are often hired to help bridge the gap between a company leadership's core competencies and the ones they believe would help elevate their business to the next level.

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