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What may result in a judge throwing out a noncompete agreement?

We live in a very competitive world where someone is always interested in getting an upper edge on another at all costs. Many Ohio employers ask their employees to sign noncompete agreements (NCAs) to protect themselves from workers from taking off their operational details and customers and starting their own thing right in their figurative backyard. Any employer looking to protect their interests by having an employee sign an NCA must make sure that they include certain information in it for it to hold up in a court of law.

Ohio Sales Practices Act claims against companies are serious

Businesses in this state are expected to comply with the terms of the Ohio Sales Practices Act, but some business owners aren't quite certain how this applies to their company. When a business isn't in compliance, they can face legal action.

Is silencing a worker with a nondisclosure agreement unlawful?

Many Cincinnati business owners have their employees sign nondisclosure agreements (NDA) either when they take on their jobs or before a promotion happens. While it's lawful for employers to have their workers sign these agreements in most cases, it's unlawful for them to do so as a way to silence an employee who witnessed or fell victim to a crime. Ohio courts might throw out an NDA if you forced a worker to sign one for this reason.

Disputes over ownership: What you need to know

When you first got into business with your partner, you were both excited and full of creativity. You were so focused on the development of your ideas that you didn't bother with the picky details about who owned the intellectual rights to those ideas. You also didn't worry much over who handled which part of the business -- you both handled everything and mostly agreed.

Businesses can be liable for injuries on 'attractive nuisances'

If you're like many business owners, you want to make your property attractive for employees, customers and anyone passing by. You may have installed a large water fountain or fishpond in your patio area a sweeping outdoor stairwell leading to a rooftop break area where people can read, relax or even have outdoor meetings.

Why can businesses be held liable for their employees' actions?

As a business owner, you can often be held liable for your employees' actions -- even if you had no direct involvement in them. Just as you benefit from your employees' ideas, expertise and/or physical labor, you also may have to bear some responsibility if they cause harm to others.

Ohio court throws out lawsuit about power surcharge

How many laws can affect an Ohio business? The answer is not a number because it is changing all the time. Sometimes, new laws are made to cover a new area of business, and judges are making decisions that can be considered precedents for new ones all the time as well.

Contract dispute leaves Ohio sports fans in the dark

When companies that partner to bring people their television entertainment can't resolve a contract dispute, viewers are left without their favorite TV shows, sports and news. This makes both sides in the dispute unpopular with customers who don't see why they have to be penalized because large corporations can't arrive at a deal.

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