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Contract dispute leaves Ohio sports fans in the dark

When companies that partner to bring people their television entertainment can't resolve a contract dispute, viewers are left without their favorite TV shows, sports and news. This makes both sides in the dispute unpopular with customers who don't see why they have to be penalized because large corporations can't arrive at a deal.

Online lawsuit search may cause issues for Ohio businesses

Owners and operators of small and medium-sized businesses in Ohio have long been concerned about the climate for their commerce. Big-box retailers and online shopping have taken a large share of regional and rural business, in which smaller operations have traditionally been a more important part of markets and job opportunities.

Is business dispute mediation the right choice for you?

When it comes to civil court, many of the parties involved in business disputes should consider mediation. Litigation is often required if one or both parties do not want to participate in mediation or if a settlement cannot be reached during mediation. However, mediation is sometimes ordered by the court. If you're not familiar with some of the factors associated with business contract mediation, consider the following:

How should a business buy another business?

How do you manage business success? How do you make sure you can keep meeting your financial goals and insure your employees' future? Many businesses look to expand by acquiring other companies to diversify their services and reducing competition. If you are considering this approach for your business, think about the legal requirements of buying a business.

The Cincinnati Zoo files suit to have their gorilla returned

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden filed a lawsuit against the Gorilla Foundation in federal court in the Northern District of California on Oct. 25. In their filing, the Cincinnati Zoo requests that the animal sanctuary return Ndume, the male companion of their deceased gorilla Koko. She died while being cared for at the California facility on June 19. He was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1981 and loaned to the sanctuary in 1991.

Signs you have a bad business partner who needs to be removed

When you start a business, it is wise to set up an operating agreement or a partnership agreement with your business partner. This should spell out the specific steps that need to be taken to remove someone from the company.

4 considerations when creating a family business succession plan

Imagine you've spent the last forty years working hard to grow a successful business that has allowed your family to live a wealthy and abundant life. However, as you've grown older, you've also grown tired of the demands required to run the business.

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