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How to start a business with your spouse

Have you always wanted to go into business for yourself? Do you have a stable of good ideas that you are itching to try on the Cincinnati market? Is your spouse going to be involved in the business? If so, you need to know how to go about starting a business with your spouse so you can properly set it up and not run into any issues.

GE Aviation facing lawsuit from 3 cancer-stricken employees

GE Aviation and its parent company General Electric have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by one employee and the estates of another two employees. The complaint was filed on Nov. 21 in the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.

Keep your businesses as protected as possible

Keeping your company protected is something that every business owner wants to do. It is important that you take the time to make sure that your business is safe from all sorts of calamities, including disgruntled employees and people trying to reveal your trade secrets. We understand the importance of keeping your most valuable asset free of disastrous circumstances.

What if I am asked to sign a questionable contract?

When a worker first enters a particular industry, he or she often faces the prospect of having to agree to unfavorable employment terms in order to get their foot in the door to a particular position or company. Like most entry-level experiences, being the lowest rung on the professional ladder means having the least amount of clout to dictate the terms of your employment.

Ohio State University embroiled in multiple trademark disputes

Ohio State University is embroiled in multiple trademark disputes with casinos and other colleges across the state. In an effort to protect its likeness, the university has gone after a casino that decided to use the university's nickname for its stadium, "The Shoe." The school also filed documents in an effort to trademark the abbreviation OSU for apparel and the name "The Oval."

How to protect against patent infringement

Running a business is not as easy as some make it look. One of the most difficult things a company must do is protect its creations, inventions and other intellectual property by using patents. Companies all across the country are susceptible to patent infringement, which is why we will dedicate this post to explaining how you can protect against it in today's high-tech world.

How to protect yourself from trademark infringement

Trademark infringement is a concern for companies of all sizes. It is an issue that affects companies on varying levels, especially if they are accused of infringing upon another company's trademark. This can be a very confusing situation, but today we will discuss how you can protect your company's from trademark infringement.

Employee at center of Uber-Google legal feud fired

If you haven't been paying attention to the massive trade secret lawsuit between Uber and Google, here's a brief summary. A former Google employee who worked in Google's parent company's self-driving division, Waymo, left the company and created his own self-driving company, which was bought by Uber last year for $680 million. Since then, Waymo has sued Uber for using the trade secrets that Waymo alleges this employee took from them to start that new self-driving car company.

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