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Probate and Estate Disputes Archives

The responsibilities of an executor of an estate can be daunting

While being asked to be an executor of someone's estate is something that most will only be asked to do once or twice during their lifetime, it's a role that carries with it a tremendous responsibility. When you're appointed to the role, it's your responsibility to handle everything regarding an estate from locating and filing a decedent's will with the probate court to paying final expenses.

Where there's a will . . . there's a disgruntled relative

Some estate administrators face extraordinary challenges administering the estates they oversee. Battles among heirs can erupt and factions can form among the survivors. A relative who is left out of the estate proceeds can challenge the will and delay the probate process as the case wends its way through the court system.

Removing a trustee may benefit a trust

Many people include trusts in their estate planning to include their loved ones and descendants in their wealth more easily. Trusts can handle large assets in more manageable ways than simply leaving them to heirs in wills. Assets in trusts can be more useful and less liable to excessive taxation.

4 reasons to challenge a will

Your mother's will feels like a punch in the gut. You find out, without any prior warning, that 90 percent of the family estate is going to your brother. That includes a family home, a vacation home, two cars and a nice lump sum of money that can be used to fund an early retirement.

Do you have the right to contest the will?

When a loved one dies, sometimes relatives are shocked to learn that they have been left out of the will. While their feelings of anger and confusion can be completely understandable, people have the right to do as they see fit with their money and possessions, both in life and in death.

What can you do to avoid an inheritance dispute?

You're hoping that the inheritance you leave to your children can be helpful, giving them a better life. But you're worried that, at the same time, it's going to pull the family apart. A dispute can be costly, it can be time-consuming and it can put a rift between your loved ones when they disagree. Sometimes, that rift never heals.

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