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Posts tagged "Business Contracts and Leases"

Pay attention to parking provisions before you sign that lease

When business owners are reviewing or negotiating the terms of a lease with a property owner, they don't always give sufficient attention to parking provisions. However, parking can make the difference between customers choosing your business or going somewhere else.

Which type of office space is best for your business?

If you're starting a small business where you and your employees will primarily be working at your desks, one of the first things you need to do is find office space. You may also be in the market for new office space if you want or need to relocate from your current offices or if you need a satellite location for some of your employees to work.

Tips for preparing employees for a merger

A merger of companies does not have to be overwhelming for your employees, especially if you know the proper way to handle such a situation. Mergers often come with a reduction in staff, especially if the two companies have similar departments. Let's explore some tips for preparing your employees for a merger.

Unenforceable contracts can cost companies big in lawsuits

It is risky business acquiring property or leasing it for commercial purposes. Many industries lend themselves to a lot of turnover, and assets can turn into liabilities without proper planning. Even the best planning can fall in the wrong environment or time for a business idea.

What to do when you must break a commercial lease

Commercial leases protect both the property owner and the business owner. But there are times when it may be necessary to break your commercial lease. Below are some tips for getting out of a commercial lease with the least amount of financial liability.

How can I find a short-term lease for my Cincinnati business?

Business owners often think that they have a good idea and an airtight business plan when they start making plans to set up shop. Things may not always unfold as planned though. The idea of being in a long-term lease for an office during these early stages can seem daunting. It may be best for them to try and find a short-term lease to get into. Finding one can be hard though.

What are some key details to include in a consulting agreement?

In recent years, many entrepreneurs have chosen to offer their talents to others on a freelance basis as opposed to holding a traditional role with just one company. Consultants who do this should remember that by taking on work on a project basis, they're not anyone's employee. Protections extended to a company's workers don't cover them. This is why it's important that they have a consulting agreement in place with each client.

How can I free my Ohio company from its existing lease?

When most Ohio business owners sign a lease, many are so excited to have found a place that they sign their name on the line without combing through its terms or trying to negotiate a more favorable agreement. It's only when they find they've bitten off a little more than they can chew that a Cincinnati company owner will consult with an attorney to find out what they can do to get out of their commercial lease as painlessly as possible.

What terms should I expect my franchisee to want to negotiate?

If you're looking to franchise your business, then you may expect to be able to have your attorney draft a single contract that you can have all of your prospective franchisees sign. There's a strong likelihood that they'll each have their own unique demands and that they'll want to sit down to negotiate some kind of concessions, though. There are common requests that franchisees make.

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