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Posts tagged "Employment Law"

The importance of workplace safety training

One of the most important aspects of running a company is offering workplace safety training to employees. Your employees are integral to the success of your business, which is why you must ensure their safety at all times. Even if your company does not perform inherently dangerous procedures, your employees still need to practice safety measures.

Hugging is not always appropriate in the workplace

Hugging is a universal embrace that is quickly becoming just as popular as shaking hands. For some, hugging is the only way they greet someone, even those they might not know well. For others, hugging is an uncomfortable situation that some never want to be a part of, especially when at work. Here's how your workplace can avoid the awkward hug between coworkers.

Employers have legal interests to protect too

It is common to see stories about cases where an employee is no longer with a company because he or she was discriminated against, or sexually harassed, or retaliated against in some form. These are unfortunate stories, and it would be great if these things never happen. Sadly, they do, and when the case goes to court, both sides of the situation have to protect their interests and defend their legal position.

Employers: Avoid litigation with arbitration clauses

Running a business is an incredibly complex responsibility. Employers have to balance the priorities of the company, the rights of the workers and their financial resources on a regular basis, and sometimes, disagreements arise. This not surprising, considering all the different perspectives and interests involved in any business relationship.

Now that I'm pregnant, am I going to lose my job?

While you may be delightedly anticipating the birth of your child, you may also have concerns about how your employer will react to the news of your pregnancy. You may have worked for years to earn the position you now hold and dread the thought of your boss demoting or firing you because of your condition.

Reasonableness the key to non-compete agreements

As a business in Cincinnati, in Ohio or really anywhere across the United States, it is imperative that you protect your interests and put forth legal restrictions on your employees to ensure that trade secrets or other vital pieces of information are protected. In this regard, non-competition agreements are an important tool in your legal arsenal. These contracts stipulate that an employee must protect and safeguard the employer's legitimate business interests.

Employee lawsuits can tarnish a company's reputation

There are many legal threats that a company faces. They can be the target of intellectual property litigation, may it be a legitimate claim or a claim made by a "patent troll." They can accused of product liability by consumers for a defective product or an improperly functioning one. They can be the subject of contract dispute litigation with a business partner. And, of course, they can be targeted in a lawsuit by their own employees.

Tips for employers handling discrimination complaints

As an employer, if you have an employee who reports discrimination happening in the workplace directly to his or her supervisor or human resources, it's important to take these complaints seriously and act swiftly in order to avoid the chances of a lawsuit.

Ohio business filings at record level for seventh straight year

How many new business filings has Ohio been seeing in recent times? Well, statistics recently announced by the state's Secretary of State suggest that there were quite a few such filings last year and that such filings have been trending up lately.

Common defenses employers use for workers' compensation

Workers' compensation claims are common in the workplace these days, especially at places of employment that deal with dangerous conditions on a regular basis. However, those claims do not have to derail the company's daily activities. Here are some common defenses that employers use when faced with workers' compensation claims.

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