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January 2017 Archives

Business bankruptcy on the rise? 2016 numbers say 'yes'

It may seem counterintuitive given the implication of bankruptcy, but a commercial, corporate or business bankruptcy can be an opportunity for the company in question. Now, obviously there are some serious financial and legal issues that need to be addressed if the company is filing for bankruptcy. But the filing can not only buy the company some time to deal with these things without their creditors taking action, it can also allow the company to reorganize itself or construct an exit strategy. Businesses in bankruptcy can sell their assets -- or even the entire business -- to successfully resolve their problems.

Ohio business filings at record level for seventh straight year

How many new business filings has Ohio been seeing in recent times? Well, statistics recently announced by the state's Secretary of State suggest that there were quite a few such filings last year and that such filings have been trending up lately.

Common defenses employers use for workers' compensation

Workers' compensation claims are common in the workplace these days, especially at places of employment that deal with dangerous conditions on a regular basis. However, those claims do not have to derail the company's daily activities. Here are some common defenses that employers use when faced with workers' compensation claims.

Protecting your business against a workers' compensation claim

Just one work accident and workers' compensation claim can threaten the long-term health of your Ohio business. Even if an employee files just one claim, it can remain active for up to 10 years. It is critical to take the appropriate action as soon as possible after the filing of a questionable work injury or occupational illness claim.

Will trade secret litigation increase in 2017?

Trade secrets are vehemently protected by their creators. Companies do everything they can to ensure that their secret manufacturing process or their secret ingredient is kept under wraps so that their competitors can't replicate their iconic and brand-making tricks. By their very names, trade secrets are not supposed to be public knowledge. They are supposed to be kept hidden away so that the creators can benefit from it's unique nature.

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