There are several ways to dissolve a marriage

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2020 | blog

When Ohio residents enter marriage, they assume it’s going to be forever. Unfortunately, some marriages don’t last. When they don’t last, the former partners need to figure out a way to dissolve the marriage. Many people assume that divorce is the only way for a couple to part, but there actually several different ways that a couple can legally break up a marriage.

A divorce is the most common way for people to end a marriage. It usually happens when people are unable to resolve their issues, and they need legal help relating to things like custody of the children, child or spousal support and the distribution of assets. In a divorce, the court will schedule hearings so that all of these matters can be decided before the marriage is terminated.

A legal separation is another way that partners can end their relationship. In this situation, the partners separate but are actually still married. The court sets up hearings to determine issues like spousal or child support and other issues that need to be handled in order for life to continue.

Another way to end a marriage is through a process called annulment. The annulment ends the marriage and determines it invalid, so it’s as if the marriage never existed. Annulments take place in several types of situations, including one where there was an underage spouse, one where the marriage was never consummated, one where one of the parties was mentally incompetent or one where marital consent was obtained by force or coercion.

Another way to dissolve a marriage is through a dissolution. A dissolution takes place when both parties agree to resolve every issue in the case regarding things like custody and child support. A separation agreement will be signed that will reflect the arrangements made.

There are many different ways to suspend or dissolve a marriage, but individuals may have many questions and concerns. People looking for help with these matters may benefit by working with family law attorneys.