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What are some incentives for starting your own business?

You know all about the personal incentives for starting your own business. You get to be your own boss. You get to set your own hours. You get to do something that you love. As the business grows, you really set yourself up for the type of success that you could never find if you were working for someone else.

But what about more specific incentives, especially the financial ones? What you'll find is that the city of Cincinnati does have a number of them that new business owners may want to consider. A few examples include:

  • Job creation tax credits
  • Property investment reimbursements
  • Community reinvestment areas
  • Real estate redevelopment programs
  • Attractive small business loans
  • Infrastructure assistance
  • Special assistance for business owners of specific ethnic backgrounds
  • Small business counseling
  • Additional financial incentives, which change with time

Federal lawsuit filed against the city of Cincinnati

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are treated as federal and state laws require. When it comes to overtime pay, the laws are strict as to when overtime pay is required.

Four employees with the city of Cincinnati have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the city has continually required them to work overtime while paying them straight time.

Should I contest my relative's will?

Your rich relative died and left everything to charity. You were hoping for a windfall. Can you contest the will?

In some cases, it may be possible, but not just anyone can contest a will. Only those who have legal standing and who are financially and personally affected by the terms of the testator's will can do so.

How can I break the contract with my business partner?

If you are a co-owner of a business, at some future point, you may be chomping at the bit to break your contract with your business partner. It could be due to a breach of the terms or a failed relationship between the parties.

But the root cause of many a failed Cincinnati business is the inability of the business partners to mesh their differing management styles. Distinct differences in their approaches that at first did not seem to matter that much over time can erode a positive partnership and leave the parties at loggerheads.

The elements of a strong business operating plan

Are you an aspiring Ohio small business owner? Do you already have a hobby that you hope will become your full-time source of income? If so, you will want to have a business plan. Your plan of operation will set the course for your company and the direction that your business goes. You will benefit greatly from having a strong, thoughtful plan that will work for your goals and needs for years to come.

If you are a new business owner, you may not be sure where to start with crafting a good business plan. You may find it beneficial to do your research, seek guidance and create a plan that will lay the foundation for continued operations and success well into the future. Your business plan will help you during the stages of defining your business, deciding how you want it to operate and even securing financing.

Is business dispute mediation the right choice for you?

When it comes to civil court, many of the parties involved in business disputes should consider mediation. Litigation is often required if one or both parties do not want to participate in mediation or if a settlement cannot be reached during mediation. However, mediation is sometimes ordered by the court. If you're not familiar with some of the factors associated with business contract mediation, consider the following:

When should a company mediate a dispute?

How can I find a short-term lease for my Cincinnati business?

Business owners often think that they have a good idea and an airtight business plan when they start making plans to set up shop. Things may not always unfold as planned though. The idea of being in a long-term lease for an office during these early stages can seem daunting. It may be best for them to try and find a short-term lease to get into. Finding one can be hard though.

Most commercial landlords like to get prospective tenants to sign up for three-year leases. This can make entrepreneurs uncomfortable. Even if they find a landlord that offers a short-term one, they'll likely be unwilling to offer kickbacks for improvements a tenant makes to the space. Rental rates may also increase once their lease is up.

Costs business owners have to consider when launching a startup

Most entrepreneurs are so consumed with starting their own company that they fail to stop and consider all the costs that are involved in getting their business off the ground.

One of the most costly expenses a startup company faces right off the top is equipment costs. Whether you need a truck, computers or kitchen equipment to run your business, the costs for these can easily add up to tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Family businesses are not immune to conflict

Starting a family business or passing down an existing business to children is a dream many Ohio residents share. At times, however, you and your family may disagree about how a business should be run. When these types of disputes arise, it is important to handle them appropriately and effectively.

While working with family may seem like a dream come true for you, this type of arrangement is not immune to conflict. In fact, business-related conflicts between family members can sometimes be even more difficult to address than those between individuals with a strictly business relationship.

How should a business buy another business?

How do you manage business success? How do you make sure you can keep meeting your financial goals and insure your employees' future? Many businesses look to expand by acquiring other companies to diversify their services and reducing competition. If you are considering this approach for your business, think about the legal requirements of buying a business.

What financial information should one get on a business?

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