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How do I start a business in Ohio?

The decision to start a business is an exciting one. It can also be a stressful one. You are putting all your eggs in one basket in the hopes that it catches on with the public. Here's how you should go about starting a business in Ohio.

Once you create a business plan that allows you to see the startup in every aspect, you can choose the structure of the company and then register it with the state of Ohio. After you register the business with the state, your personal assets are protected from liability.

Types of business entities in Cincinnati

Starting a business comes with a lot of stress, especially if you've never started a business in the past. You will want to have as much information as possible and even an attorney by your side. Here are the types of business entities available in Cincinnati for your business.

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a designation that provides the limited liability of a corporation plus the tax efficiencies of a partnership.

Partnership agreements keep businesses running smoothly

You and your partner are set to go. You have a business plan in place and a launch date in sight. With the excitement of getting ready to open your new enterprise, you may think nothing could go wrong. In fact, as you and your partner made your plans, it may have felt as if you couldn't have chosen a more perfect person with which to work.

However, when the dust settles and you establish a day-to-day routine, you may begin to notice little disagreements with your partner. If you are honest with yourself, you know how quickly those little disagreements can escalate into big arguments. It may surprise you to know how many of those differences you can preempt with careful planning.

How to protect against patent infringement

Running a business is not as easy as some make it look. One of the most difficult things a company must do is protect its creations, inventions and other intellectual property by using patents. Companies all across the country are susceptible to patent infringement, which is why we will dedicate this post to explaining how you can protect against it in today's high-tech world.

One of the most common defenses used by a reported infringer is that the burden of proof lies on the holder of the patent to prove that the patent was infringed. The holder of the patent will be required to show evidence that his or her patent was infringed upon. If this is the case in your situation, it's best to collect as much proof as possible against the suspected infringer.

Hugging is not always appropriate in the workplace

Hugging is a universal embrace that is quickly becoming just as popular as shaking hands. For some, hugging is the only way they greet someone, even those they might not know well. For others, hugging is an uncomfortable situation that some never want to be a part of, especially when at work. Here's how your workplace can avoid the awkward hug between coworkers.

One of the first things you should teach your employees is for them to always extend a hand for a handshake. Make sure they know how to properly shake someone's hand and know when the proper times are to offer a handshake. If your employees who are uncomfortable with hugs extend their hands first, there should be no problem in your workplace.

Why should I update my will and estate documents?

Life is full of surprises and because of those surprises, you should have a will and the accompanying estate documents created as soon as you get your first job out of school. These documents will not only protect you, but also your assets, your family and other possessions when you die. So, why should I update my will and estate documents?

One of the biggest reasons why you should update your will is that the people named in it are now deceased. This is a very rare occasion, but it does happen every now and then. Make sure you update the will as soon as possible after these people die so your property remains protected.

How to protect yourself from trademark infringement

Trademark infringement is a concern for companies of all sizes. It is an issue that affects companies on varying levels, especially if they are accused of infringing upon another company's trademark. This can be a very confusing situation, but today we will discuss how you can protect your company's from trademark infringement.

Trademark infringement occurs when one company uses a similar or identical trademark as another. The trademark could have a registered TM symbol alongside it or it could be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO states that a trademark is typically protected based on it being put to use, but it is assumed that the use is not infringing upon another company's mark.

Destroying a will and creating a new one could help your estate

Having a will is an incredibly important part of protecting your estate. As we saw with the Prince estate saga, not having one can create a series of major complications. Additionally, you have to be ready and willing to change your will when the situation calls for it. Getting married, a death in the family, a newborn child -- these are just a few examples of life events that necessitate a change in your will.

But what exactly does it take to change your will? What is the process? It may seem like a complicated legal step that you have to take, but in reality it is actually a fairly simple procedure.

Oops! This mistake may equal inheritance for your former spouse!

Perhaps you're one of many Ohio residents who like to make sure personal affairs are in order. Many people thrive on structure and routine and have awesome organizational skills. Others barely know where to find their clean socks, much less all their financial information and inventory of assets that may impact their loved ones after they're gone. Some people hesitate to address the topic of estate planning, not liking the idea of discussing their own mortality. Others understand the importance of securing a solid estate plan ahead of time.

If you're in the latter group, you may be satisfied with your plan; as life unfolds and changes occur, you may want to review it, periodically. When is the last time you looked over your estate portfolio? It would be easy to overlook this, especially if you are fairly certain all your ducks were in a row when you first executed the plan. There are potential errors, however, that could lead to situations where someone not meant to inherit your estate is in line to do so.

Employee at center of Uber-Google legal feud fired

If you haven't been paying attention to the massive trade secret lawsuit between Uber and Google, here's a brief summary. A former Google employee who worked in Google's parent company's self-driving division, Waymo, left the company and created his own self-driving company, which was bought by Uber last year for $680 million. Since then, Waymo has sued Uber for using the trade secrets that Waymo alleges this employee took from them to start that new self-driving car company.

So that's the brief synopsis of the story, but there has been a major development: the employee at the heart of the matter, Anthony Levandowski, has been fired by Uber for failing to cooperate with the company's own internal investigation. Uber claims that they have been asking him to turn over critical information in the case for months, but that he has failed to comply. Levandowski says he was simply asserting his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

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