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Unenforceable contracts can cost companies big in lawsuits

It is risky business acquiring property or leasing it for commercial purposes. Many industries lend themselves to a lot of turnover, and assets can turn into liabilities without proper planning. Even the best planning can fall in the wrong environment or time for a business idea.

This planning includes careful attention to the legal requirements in Ohio for a business contract or lease agreement. When specific needs for filings or public statements are not made, an entire contract may be rendered invalid or unenforceable at the worst possible times.

Key tips for choosing the right business partner

Choosing a business partner sounds easy enough, but if you make the wrong decision, it could result in a variety of issues in the future.

Fortunately, there are several key tips you can follow to choose the right partner for your business:

  • Find someone with a differing skillset: If your partner has the same skills and experience as you, you may find yourself needing to hire for additional positions in the near future. However, if they have a differing skillset, you'll complement each other nicely.
  • Choose a financially stable partner: This may reduce the number of potential partners, but it's critical to go into business with someone who is financially stable. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but it also lessens the likelihood of them jumping ship at the first sign of trouble.
  • Take the partnership for a test drive: Rather than dive right into a business partnership, ask the other person if they want to work together for a few weeks. This gives you the chance to feel out the situation, understand the pros and cons of your potential partner and talk through the best way to proceed. Also, if things don't work out, you can simply move on.

What is inheritance theft?

Inheritance theft takes many forms. It's often not as simple as someone taking possession of a deceased loved one's wedding ring from the hospital or walking out of the house with a set of fine china because it was "promised" to them.

Too often, it's the people trusted to administer the estate who take funds that are intended for others. This could be a trustee or an executor. Inheritance theft could involve someone destroying a new will that other family members may not know about because it left less to them.

Contract dispute leaves Ohio sports fans in the dark

When companies that partner to bring people their television entertainment can't resolve a contract dispute, viewers are left without their favorite TV shows, sports and news. This makes both sides in the dispute unpopular with customers who don't see why they have to be penalized because large corporations can't arrive at a deal.

A contract dispute between Fox Sports and Dish TV, which operates the streaming service Sling TV, is leaving Cincinnati Reds fans unable to see their team's games on TV. That's because Dish and Sling pulled Fox Sports Ohio from their lineups on July 26. Fox Sports Ohio also carries the Cleveland Cavaliers games as well as the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey games.

Taking action after a partner steals from the company

Because starting a company and keeping it operational is no easy feat, many Ohio residents choose to have business partners. When you first thought about having a partner, you may have had someone immediately jump to mind. This person may not have had extensive business experience, but as your best friend, for example, you believed that he or she had useful qualities to bring to the table.

You may have even chosen this person because you believed that you could trust him or her. Because you had this trust, it may have come as a substantial shock when you discovered that your business partner was stealing from company accounts.

Age discrimination lawsuit may be the start of more legal action

Staying current on expectations is very important for businesses and other organizations with employees. Discrimination against protected groups cannot be tolerated, as a lack of attention to accusations can lead to lawsuits. If a lawsuit goes forward, employers must make sure changes are made to protect employees in the future.

A loss in a lawsuit may just be the beginning for a large Ohio university when it comes to the issue of age discrimination. Ageism, as this type of discrimination is often called, involves any type of dismissal or reduction of opportunities based on a person's age. The university settled with two women who claimed their department attempted to drive out older workers.

Online lawsuit search may cause issues for Ohio businesses

Owners and operators of small and medium-sized businesses in Ohio have long been concerned about the climate for their commerce. Big-box retailers and online shopping have taken a large share of regional and rural business, in which smaller operations have traditionally been a more important part of markets and job opportunities.

Smaller businesses are also more likely to suffer if they are involved in legal disputes. Operations with only a few employees and those run by sole proprietors may have more issues paying for legal representation as business disputes take shape and drag on. This is one reason that having standing legal representation is often a good idea, as a lawyer can diffuse disputes rapidly -- before they escalate.

How to spread the word about your new business

When you're starting a business, you tend to begin by thinking about the product or service. What sets you apart from the competition? What makes people want your specific offering over something else? How can you change the market?

After that, you begin thinking about the logistics. How much money do you need from investors? Where can you find commercial space? How do you hire employees and set up a payroll system?

Certain actions call for a removal of a trustee from their role

Individuals who set up trusts do so to protect their funds from being overtaxed, easily squandered and to protect a loved one's eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid. It can be unnerving for you to find out that your trustee isn't carrying out their assigned duties or acting in a financially prudent way. Many signs may send a message to you that it's time to replace your trustee.

Hostility directed at beneficiaries

What to do when you must break a commercial lease

Commercial leases protect both the property owner and the business owner. But there are times when it may be necessary to break your commercial lease. Below are some tips for getting out of a commercial lease with the least amount of financial liability.

Understand the terms of the lease

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