Legal counsel critical when complex business litigation calls

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2016 | Business Litigation

Business litigation and legal action is a complicated area of law. Simply creating and establishing a company takes a lot of work and a lot of legal effort to achieve. Now consider what it takes to move that company under the umbrella of another, or to have that company acquire new major assets. There are a lot of complex transactions and maneuvers that businesses utilize to grow or become more profitable, and none of them happen without extensive legal help.

Lindhorst & Dreidame have helped companies in Cincinnati and all across Ohio for many years with their business dealings. We have handled cases that include:

  • Asset and stock sales and acquisitions
  • Merging businesses, divesting from a business or purchasing a business
  • Complex tax circumstances and litigation
  • The sale or acquisition of real estate
  • Contracts such as non-competition agreements and employee agreements
  • Creating new companies or creating plans for succession

These are just a few of the many elements that can play a role in any piece of business litigation. When these situations arise, it is imperative that companies have legal backing and representation to help them get their questions answered and to allow them to proceed forward with their moves in a compliant and proper manner.

We at Lindhorst & Dreidame are ready to help and serve companies in need of legal counsel and representation during complex business transactions and litigation. If you are dealing with any of the situations mentioned above or are in need of counsel, please consult with us.