FOX, Verizon FiOS settle up after contract dispute

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2017 | Business Litigation

While the following story is hyper-localized to upstate New York, it still exemplifies how a contract dispute can affect businesses whether they are in Syracuse, New York or Cincinnati, Ohio.

Over the month of January, FOX was not available to Verizon FiOS customers in the Syracuse area due to a contract dispute. The two sides were able to reach an agreement on the eve of the Super Bowl though, and now Syracuse customers are able to get FOX programming on Verizon FiOS. There were no details released about the contract that was signed, and few other details were given regarding the new agreement.

Even small issues like this — a cable provider and a television company duking it out over pricing issues in one relatively minor market — can have a major impact on companies. In this specific example, it is likely that both sides of the contract dispute lost some respect in the eyes of the Syracuse community. This doesn’t mean that companies shouldn’t fight for what they think is right in light of a contract dispute, but the optics of these things are important.

A contract dispute is a very complex business and legal process that needs to be properly handled. Legal help is essential during this tumultuous and anxious times, as the business maintains its professionalism and course while still trying to work out critical issues that affect the company and its perception.

Source:, “Fox returns to Verizon FiOS in Syracuse, ending 5-week contract dispute,” Geoff Herbert, Feb. 4, 2017