Disputes over a business contract: Jury rules for band

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2016 | Business Litigation

Musicians and other artists in Cincinnati and across the country are passionate about their work. Often to ensure that the music that they toiled to create is heard, they sign a deal with a recording company. Unfortunately, one band, A Day To Remember, has been embroiled in disputes over a business contract for a lengthy period of time with the recording company it signed with several years ago.

Five years into the dispute over the contract, a jury has ruled on the case. At issue was the number of releases the band is required to provide to its label, Victory Records. The band contended that re-released and live albums fulfills its obligations. Victory disagreed.

The jury recently ruled in favor of A Day To Remember. In addition to ruling that the band has fulfilled its responsibilities to the recording label, Victory must also pay $4 million to cover withheld payments from royalties, merchandise and digital downloads. The jury awarded Victory sound recording rights with the band getting composition rights. There is already speculation that Victory will appeal the decision.

Both sides in this case likely worked hard in order to be successful. However, disputes over a business contract can arise if the terms of a contract are unclear. Should a dispute arise in Cincinnati, it may become necessary to fight in court to protect business interests or intellectual property. While it may be tempting to simply concede to the other party, legal action can often ensure that the terms of a contract are upheld as written. An attorney with experience with such disputes can help settle such a claim either through court action or negotiation.

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