Employers have legal interests to protect too

On Behalf of | May 9, 2017 | Employment Law

It is common to see stories about cases where an employee is no longer with a company because he or she was discriminated against, or sexually harassed, or retaliated against in some form. These are unfortunate stories, and it would be great if these things never happen. Sadly, they do, and when the case goes to court, both sides of the situation have to protect their interests and defend their legal position. While it is understandable to hear a phrase like “sexual harassment” or “wage and hour dispute” and immediately side with the disgruntled employee, there are many situations where the employer has a legitimate case to make. And in any case, an employer is entitled to their rights as well. They have to protect their position. Some cases reflect the rogue actions of a single employee, where he or she implemented illegal or unwarranted policies or actions that culminated in sexual harassment, or discrimination or whatever employment law topic is involved in the case. In these cases, it is common for the company to have policies that contradict the actions of the rogue employee, even though the victimized employee may have a case as well. No matter the specifics in any given case, companies must stand vigilant when they are under legal fire. There are many important details in employment law cases, and a company has so many tangible and intangible things to lose if these cases go to court. Protect yourself by consulting with an experienced attorney in the field of employment law.