Hugging is not always appropriate in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2017 | Employment Law

Hugging is a universal embrace that is quickly becoming just as popular as shaking hands. For some, hugging is the only way they greet someone, even those they might not know well. For others, hugging is an uncomfortable situation that some never want to be a part of, especially when at work. Here’s how your workplace can avoid the awkward hug between coworkers.

One of the first things you should teach your employees is for them to always extend a hand for a handshake. Make sure they know how to properly shake someone’s hand and know when the proper times are to offer a handshake. If your employees who are uncomfortable with hugs extend their hands first, there should be no problem in your workplace.

Tell your employees that it’s ok for them to tell their coworkers that they are not huggers. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, when you are open and honest, it could make the situation much more bearable for all involved. Discussing a no-hug policy between employees can make life much easier.

It’s not hard to spot the employees in the office who are huggers. They approach people with eyes wide open and arms extended for a full body embrace. Many people don’t have problems with hugging — it’s just that they might not feel comfortable doing so in the office. As you see a known hugger approach you in the office, be sure to remind them that you are not a hugger.

Another excellent way to get your point across to a hugger in the office is to never hug back. This might be hard to do since hugging is such a common practice, but you can do it by leaving your arms at your side when a coworker hugs you in the office.

Hugging has no place in the office. An experienced employment law attorney can answer all of your questions surrounding sexual harassment or any other harassment claim in Cincinnati.

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