The responsibilities of an employer for an injured worker’s claim

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | Employment Law

No matter what type of company you operate, you have a duty to your employees to keep them safe on the job. Even if your company does not perform dangerous tasks or services, it’s still possible for your employees to be injured at work. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of an employer when an employee files an injured worker claim in Cincinnati.

One of your first duties as an employer when an employee is injured on the job is to file a report of injury or some other type of documentation to the carrier that provides the workers’ compensation insurance for your company. This is an important step in the process that cannot be overlooked. If it is, you could be accused of purposely avoiding such a claim.

A company is required to cooperate with the insurance carrier of the workers’ compensation insurance. This includes aiding the carrier with any investigation it opens into the accident that caused the employee’s injury on the job. You will need to provide the carrier with the payroll history of the injured employee as part of the claims process.

Once the employee has recovered from the injury and is ready to return to work, you must welcome them back to their job. Their job must be held for them and cannot be permanently filled while they are out on medical leave. Should you fire the employee or move them to a different position. it could lead to a lawsuit against your company.

Workers’ compensation claims are an important part of the business world. They protect employees who are injured at work from the inability to pay their bills if they miss time on the job. Make sure that your company is prepared to handle these claims appropriately.