Has a fraudulent mechanic’s lien been filed against your company?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Firm News

Just like any other type of business, running a construction company is difficult. You have to pay attention to financial factors, interactions with clients, relationships with vendors and suppliers, and the quality of work provided. You may easily feel overwhelmed at times due to the number of responsibilities with which you must contend as a construction company owner. Your job may become even more difficult if a supplier or subcontractor accuses you of not paying for products or services provided. These individuals may file a mechanic’s lien against you in efforts to get paid. While this tool can prove useful in cases where true nonpayment occurred, it is not uncommon for individuals to file fraudulent liens, which could negatively impact your business. Fraudulent filings Several reasons exist for parties filing fraudulent liens. Some of those reasons include the following:
  • An individual or company has a personal vendetta against you or your company and files a lien in hopes of damaging your company.
  • Your company did owe money to the claimant, but the claimant did not file a lien within the proper time period.
  • The claimant is trying to get more money from your company even though you paid the claimant properly and in full.

In some cases, you may not have even worked with a person or company at all before a lien is filed against you, which is obviously fraudulent. Of course, these excuses do not present a valid reason for filing a fraudulent lien against your company and projects you are working on. Still, your company could suffer, and projects could face delays if you have to contend with a lien of any kind. Fighting fraudulence Fortunately, you do not have to accept a fraudulent mechanic’s lien against your company. You can take legal action to fight against such deceptive practices in order to uphold your company’s reputation as well as prevent your company from having to pay money that it does not owe. Of course, taking on this type of fight alone may not be wise. Luckily, you can enlist the help of an Ohio attorney who could act as an ally in your fight. This legal professional can review the lien and determine ways to prove fraudulence, such as determining whether the amount of payment due was inflated or if the person filing provided a false date to extend the time period for filing. With the right help, you may feel more comfortable moving forward.