How can I find a short-term lease for my Cincinnati business?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Business Contracts and Leases

Business owners often think that they have a good idea and an airtight business plan when they start making plans to set up shop. Things may not always unfold as planned though. The idea of being in a long-term lease for an office during these early stages can seem daunting. It may be best for them to try and find a short-term lease to get into. Finding one can be hard though. Most commercial landlords like to get prospective tenants to sign up for three-year leases. This can make entrepreneurs uncomfortable. Even if they find a landlord that offers a short-term one, they’ll likely be unwilling to offer kickbacks for improvements a tenant makes to the space. Rental rates may also increase once their lease is up. Alternative options exist for cautious Cincinnati business owners though. They can rent an executive suite. These spaces are customizable, fully furnished and come equipped with the latest technology, shared waiting and conference rooms and a receptionist. They’re often offered at prime locations, something that can improve your customers’ impressions of the value of the services that you offer. The leases for these spaces are often flexible. Cautious business owners can also set up a pop-up retail store or office. Entrepreneurs can lease a space for a few days to a few months. It’s during that time that they can test their concept to see if it’s as well-received as they anticipated. Landlords allow tenants to sign short-term leases for these spaces. Another option for business owners looking for short-term commercial leases is to sublet office space from someone else. One negative associated with doing this is that you won’t have a hand in negotiating the lease and will, therefore, be subject to someone else’s terms. You likely won’t be able to make any modifications to the space either. You’ll also have to really trust the original lessee and that they’ll pay their rent. If they don’t, then you could be evicted. Subleases are great in that they offer more affordable rates and more flexible lease terms. Properties are often turnkey as well. Anyone entering into a contractual relationship with another person should have their agreement put in writing. Ohio entrepreneurs can protect themselves by having an attorney both draft and review all of their agreements. This includes those with business partners, vendors, landlords or anyone else.