Age discrimination lawsuit may be the start of more legal action

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Employment Law

Staying current on expectations is very important for businesses and other organizations with employees. Discrimination against protected groups cannot be tolerated, as a lack of attention to accusations can lead to lawsuits. If a lawsuit goes forward, employers must make sure changes are made to protect employees in the future. A loss in a lawsuit may just be the beginning for a large Ohio university when it comes to the issue of age discrimination. Ageism, as this type of discrimination is often called, involves any type of dismissal or reduction of opportunities based on a person’s age. The university settled with two women who claimed their department attempted to drive out older workers. Along with the back pay and legal fees, the institution promised to review its policies to prevent ageism in the future. The plaintiffs, however, claim this has not yet occurred after more than a year of waiting. They filed a complaint requesting information from public records to verify the university’s review. “Our problem is we don’t have any idea what’s going on,” said one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs from the lawsuits. “That alone, to us, is at least a red flag of bad faith.” Transparency is a key part of preventing discrimination. Workers need to feel safe in their identities to be effective members of the team, and companies often protect themselves more when their policies are clear. Legal representation is also a key part of protecting a business from the costs of lawsuits alleging discrimination. An attorney can also respond to requests for information on company policies for the firms they represent.