Tips for preparing employees for a merger

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Business Contracts and Leases

A merger of companies does not have to be overwhelming for your employees, especially if you know the proper way to handle such a situation. Mergers often come with a reduction in staff, especially if the two companies have similar departments. Let’s explore some tips for preparing your employees for a merger. An open line of communication is vital to a successful merger. Notify all of your employees of your intentions before discussions with the other company get too serious. Allow your employees plenty of time to process the news and even look for employment elsewhere, if they so choose. The more often you communicate with them, the more likely your employees will be to accept the merger. You need to do everything possible to keep your employees focused on their job duties. Employees will become distracted thinking about the merger. Keep them on the right track and remind them how important they are to the company’s success. Be as honest as you can with your employees. Do not shrug off their questions about the merger or provide them with misinformation. The more you are honest about the merger plans, the more likely it is that they will continue to work hard for your company. Merging companies is usually done to save one of the two companies from going under, to acquire a larger footprint in an industry or for the benefit of the purchasing company’s bottom line. Either way, you need to prepare your employees for an impending merger, so they are not shocked by the announcement. You also need to review all of your contracts ahead of time to ensure there are no legal roadblocks.