Are you prepared for litigation if your company faces a lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Firm News

Starting a business of your own may have always been a goal of yours. When you finally took the steps to start your own company, you may have had days where you wondered whether it would really happen. The day you opened for business, had your first customer and experienced so many other thrilling events may stay in your memories forever.

Because you put so much time and effort into creating a business of which you could be proud, you undoubtedly do not want anything to threaten your company and its success. Of course, any company can face a claim or lawsuit, and you may even have to file a lawsuit of your own. It happens to numerous businesses, so you may want to prepare.

Know the difference

You may want to start your preparation efforts by understanding the difference between a claim and a lawsuit. A claim does not involve courtroom litigation, and often, the issue is addressed by insurance companies. A person or another entity may make a claim against your company in efforts to seek compensation for something they perceive as wrongdoing on the part of your company that caused them to suffer damages.

If a claim does not reach an agreeable outcome, it could turn into a lawsuit involving litigation. Additionally, a lawsuit could stem without a claim occurring first. You could face a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled customer, client or employee, or one could come against you from another company. You could have to file a lawsuit on behalf of your company against a partner, shareholder or a party from another business relationship.

Why litigation?

You may have wished that your company would never have to face litigation, and that would be ideal. However, you may face a situation where you need to bring a suit in order to protect the best interests of your company, or you may need to meet a lawsuit head on to defend your business’s reputation.

Whatever the case, if you find yourself on the cusp of litigation, it is important that you have the right help. An experienced Ohio business law attorney can assess your circumstances and assist in finding the most viable options for addressing your ordeal. Having reliable and applicable information could make a substantial difference in the outcomes of your case.